Give dangerously!

DoGood is a company with a heart and an innovative business model dedicated to giving back 50% of its net annual profits to charitable causes and community needs. We have a multi-pronged approach to doing good. Our slogan is DoGood...Anything and Everything! As we see it, there are endless opportunities to DoGood including the people we can help, animals we can save, the feeling of purpose we can instill in others who join us in doing good, the sustainable products we can use, the healthy food we can eat, just name a few. As a result, opportunities to DoGood continually reveal themselves. DoGood Vines is our flagship product line. We also have an outstanding spice rub, specialty clothing and more food products in the works.

When you purchase a DoGood product, you can select the charitable organization that will benefit from the sale. DoGood donates to organizations on a quarterly basis. Join our wine club and your charity of choice will benefit as long as you remain a member.

DoGood Vines partners with charitable organizations. We offer a range of services to help produce fundraising events. See more detailed information on "Our Causes” page.